Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello world :)

Hello world :)

Maybe I've decided to start writing again (we'll see) and since my way of thinking has changed this past year, I have hidden all my old posts mainly since some of the topics were just a bit nagging and depressing. I only kept my last blog just because it was the most recent thing I had written, but I do have to say --I honestly don't remember why I felt so strongly about my "soul dying" and I'm thankful for that :D

If I haven't already told you in real life, I will tell you here --I have been reading LOTS of information on positive thinking to the point of obsession. But a healthy obsession, I would say. I've just been getting it from everywhere --Joyce Meyer (I love you sooo much), books like the Secret, books on the topic written nearly 100+ years ago, the Bible, etc. It is amazing how these teachings are connected and all have the same message, simply put:


So be conscious of your thoughts for they are shaping your life every day! Anyway, hope to write again. Thank you so much for taking the time to read & comment. Muah!

--Georgina Shamon

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