Thursday, August 30, 2012

Discouraging Danny

It's been the twice now that some good friends of mine admitted that I have discouraged them from trying something new or from being honest about something they wanted to share. ME? OF ALL PEOPLE? If you know me, I'm 24/7 on this "positivity" kick so to hear that sucks.
One friend told me she wanted to start taking guitar lessons and I responded: "You're just like me. You're always trying to find something to do to distract you from doing what you really want." In my defense, I compared her to myself so I didn't mean any disrespect but honestly when she told me, flat out, that she never signed up for guitar lessons simply because I discouraged her, I was so heartbroken. I apologized over and over and then I thought about it all night.

       (Okay, maybe it does. But you didn't hear it from me!)

Why would I say that? I mean at the time I did really believe that but why would I discourage someone from wanting to do something they were excited to learn.

I should know how horrible it feels when someone shits on your idea. Since I graduated from college in 2008 I've had people discourage me from trying different things (wanted to try the Peace Corp and my mom shot that idea down in .00025 seconds).

When you are discouraged from trying something, it can quickly kill the excitement you felt when you first started thinking about it. You almost become ashamed to even bring it up again.

Then the other day, another friend was telling me the latest news in her life and cut the story short. Her reasoning: "If I tell you any more you're just gonna tear down the idea." Then she went to say she liked what she was now believing to be true and didn't want me to "ruin it."

She didn't bluntly tell me I discouraged her but it played out in a similar scenario. So here I am talking "positivity this and positivity that" and my own friends think I am discouraging to talk to.

Now I don't say this to get sympathy or because I feel bad. I actually don't.  I just don't like being that person. Negative Nancy, Debby Downer, Discouraging Danny...

This is not some problem I need to fix. For me, it's as simple as consciously deciding I NEVER want to be that person who tells you not to try something again. So to all my friends, you wanna do what?! ...Tell me more!


  1. I want to take those guitar lessons!! Loool love you George!


  2. Oh no! You just revealed your identity. Ha! but yes, please do!

  3. I wanted to provide an in-depth comment, but seeing how I might be attacked for it... you have inadvertently discouraged me from doing so.


  4. I was going to call Reata out on this one also lol George, you're such a strong writer. I love it!! The ending was my favorite lol stay positive :*

  5. Georgie you are honestly one of the most interesting people I know & not only do I love our conversations but I love reading your blogs. You're so opinionated & argumentive but in a good way. ;-D I never get the impression that you're discouraging. I just think you give your honest opinion to someone's idea and maybe it might not be something you show personal interest in (like to do it yourself) so maybe your opinion might sound a little negative. BUT!!!! If a person tells you that they want to do something and they feel strongly enough about it there is nothing you (or anybody else) can say or do that will discourage them. Just sayin! :-D Oh and all I ask Georgie is please try to say goodbye when you end your telephone conversations & before you hang up. That's my only complaint. LOL

  6. You discourage me from when i want to BUY certain things which in the end positively saves me money. You also discourage me from saying/doing things in regards to guys, which positively saves me from looking like an idiot.
    So therefore, look at the glass half full as "Positive Piercy" rather than half empty as "Discouraging Danny". And if it matters, things that I take seriously and I want true advice, you're the first person that comes to mind when I feel ready to talk about it (besides my mom lol). You're very good at putting things into perspective and you're serious about it. I like that.

    Miss you BFF.


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