Thursday, July 4, 2013

Giving Thanks

It’s very crazy to look back on something we are so beyond scared to do at a certain point in our lives, and then in hindsight not even remember what the big deal was. You do it. It works out …and many times you forget to even thank God or the Universe for conspiring on your behalf.

A favorite belief of mine: “When you want something, all of the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

When we are suffering, we are so in the moment. So in our misery. Our sad thoughts. And then really out of nowhere the problem ceases to exist, and we go on with our everyday living.

So quick we forget.

Forget to give thanks. Forget to appreciate that we have now was no small feat. We cried for it. We pleaded with the Universe for it. We lost sleep over it.

Just this year, it happened to me twice.

In the middle of this summer, I decided I wanted to take a web design class. I wanted to –but for many reasons I had such a strong fear about what seems like such an easy decision to make. I hadn’t been in a school environment in over 4 years so I had this strong lack of self-esteem. Maybe because I felt old. Or I was trying to relive something I’d already done.

I can’t explain it now but at the time this simple decision was causing such an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear in me. I prayed about it. I signed up for the class then dropped it. Signed up again and dropped it again. I signed up for the 3rd time but on the first day, I sat in my car in the school garage for 15 minutes contemplating whether I should go down.

I can’t explain it –the feeling. But I did end up going down that day and eventually completed the course. In fact it was just like any other course I had taken before (surprise, surprise). Syllabus, assignments, final, grades, over.


Fast forward a few months and passing thought came to me: “hey, you never even gave thanks for that.” I hadn’t. Few weeks into the class, my fear dissipated and it was all good from there.

How quickly I forgot to give thanks.

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  1. I love this! It's so very true! Hope that class was everything you wanted!


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