Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dave Myers

Probably one of the most inspiring people I think a lot of right now is Dave Meyers (Joyce Meyer's husband). If you're familiar with their story and the early years of their life together you know that he basically married a complete B (Joyce at the time).

He admitted when he arrived home from work he would sometimes sit in his car and cry before going inside. Can you imagine a grown man crying because of the way a women treats him?

It's very sad to think.

But in the end, Dave Meyers basically changed the course of Joyce Meyer's life. To say she became a better person by his example is a BIG understatement if you know who Joyce Meyer is today.

So when I'm feeling really hurt I remind myself:
I'm just Dave Myers sitting in the car right now.. I'm just Dave Myers sitting in the car right now...

I know it's an unusual way to think and I'm not suggesting you stick it out with someone or you break it off. It's just a story I wanted to share and my personal thoughts.

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  1. Very interesting thought process to live by George. And, what a transformation Joyce went through.


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